SOPURE – Fabric Conditioner 750ml

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SoPure Fabric Conditioner 750ml easily and gently softens your family’s laundry as well as fabrics.

SoPure Fabric Conditioner 750ml is free from harsh chemicals such as synthetic fragrances, perfumes, animal fat based ingredients and also ammonium chloride. Making SoPure fabric conditioner gentler on your fabrics as well as our environment.

Furthermore, it is is 99% naturally derived..

Product Benefits:

  • Natural plant based actives
  • Non-toxic
  • Ultra concentrated softening
  • 1 cap equals 1 Wash
  • Plant based ingredients

SoPure products are exactly what their name proclaims them to be. So pure! Pure enough for you to keep your whole family protected from germs as well as mosquitoes.

We stock a wide range of SoPure products that are user friendly.

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