Secure-A-Kid Harness & Grey Seatbelt Pillow Combo

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Let your kids travel with additional safety and comfort with our Secure-A-Kid Harness & Seatbelt Pillow Combo.

As parents, we worry about safety during those long drives. Not to mention how annoyed we get when they begin to complain about how uncomfortable they are! With the Secure-A-Kid Harness & Seatbelt Pillow Combo, you can travel with ease.

The Secure A Kid harness is a seatbelt adjuster as well as comfort harness for toddlers and children from 4 years up. Thereby allowing the seatbelt cover to reposition the shoulder belt for a more comfortable fit while travelling and keeps the belt away from the neck and also face.

Suitable for all types of safety belts. The seatbelt pillow is a super soft micro-fleece pillow that attaches easily and securely to the safety belt. No more aches in the neck while they sleep.

Product Features of Seatbelt Pillow:

  • Made from soft velvet material for extra comfort
  • Extra long Velcro strip for easy and secure attachment

Product Features of Secure a Kid:

  • Suitable from 4 years up, once the child has outgrown the baby seat. Even adults can use it!
  • Ideal for daily use in mom or dad’s car, school lift schemes, grannies cars as well as more.
  • Fully portable and easy to install.
  • Crash-tested overseas and has passed according to international and European ECE R444 standards.

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